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The attorney general is the state’s legal advisor and the main chief law enforcement officer for the state. They represent that state as the prosecutor and the head of law enforcement surrounding the state.  Each of the 50 states in the U.S. has an attorney general. There are currently 43 states in the U.S. where the attorney general is decided by an election but in 7 states the governor appoints the attorney general. As the chief legal advisor for the state, the attorney general weighs in on both criminal law and civil law issues. Examples of criminal issues could include the legalization of marijuana in their respective states, passing certain statewide gang or firearms laws and interacting with the department of justice. Civil actions generally include responding to lawsuits against the state or suing certain businesses or schools as a result of what they believe to be unfair business practices.


The current attorney general of South Carolina as of 2016 is Alan Wilson, he is the 51st South Carolina attorney general. Mr. Wilson is a republican and in 2014 he petitioned to stop same-sex marriage licenses from being issued. He has had some controversy during his time as attorney general, one issue being that he did not declare a certain amount of campaign donations and the other being that he claimed on Fox News that there were people who were dead that were still voting. Both issues were resolved and there have never been any criminal or civil charges against Mr. Wilson in either situation. Before Wilson, Henry McMaster was the SC attorney general. McMaster was the 50th South Carolina attorney general and he served as attorney general from 2003 until 2011.


California Attorney General


The current attorney general in California is Kamala Harris. Ms. Harris is the 32nd attorney general in California. California is a very large state and often people ask if California is split into a Southern California Attorney General (SC Attorney General) and a Northern California attorney general but that is not the case, instead there is just one attorney general that manages both districts.


As a former California criminal lawyer and actually a prosecutor, Ms. Harris has been very vocal on California criminal law issues. Throughout her time as attorney general she has been a strong proponent of gun control and while a district attorney she had even challenged gun control laws in respect to the second amendment of the constitution. The attorney general in California has also been very local about the housing crises and mortgage fraud; she believes that we should be stricter with mortgage fraud and she has increased state prosecutions of these individuals who are doing it. Being the attorney general in California there is a lot of overlap with criminal defense law. These individuals need to look at the large spectrum of criminal law and see where they can make a difference overall as a state. When criminal defense attorneys file papers against the state as a whole saying that the state made a mistake, it is the attorney general’s office that has to act as legal counsel for the state and step in to defend them. Ms. Harris has sued the mortgage industry in regards to mortgage fraud and has recovered billions of dollars for the victims of criminal fraud, she has also sued certain schools for what they believed were predatory practices on students.


Criminal Law in California


Criminal law in California is unfortunately a big part of the state, people keep committing crimes and the crimes continue to be prosecuted. When someone is first a victim of a crime they call the police and then it goes through the regular channels. If it is an issue where the investigative agency is a department of the state then it will generally be prosecuted by the Attorney General’s office of California. If it is an issue where the local or county police are involved then it would likely be handled directly by the District Attorney’s office of the district where the crime was committed. This informational site provides information about Attorney General’s in the U.S. We also discuss legal aspects on current events regarding attorney generals in our law news section.

If you are the victim of the crime, you should certainly reach out to your local law enforcement agency and tell that what has happened. That is the best place to start and they generally have the resources elevate your claim to state authorities if needed. For further criminal law issues you should contact San Diego Criminal Lawyer Alex Ozols at Ozols Law Firm. They will be able to give you a lawyer’s perspective on current criminal defense issues and any type of other law information you may need.

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Most Dangerous Cities in California

California is a very large state. With a population of around 40 million people it is a place where a ton of people live and work. For our readers we wanted to see the most dangerous cities in California to let them know good places that they can hang out and that they can work. From all of our research that we did, it seems that Oakland, California is the most dangerous city in California. When it comes to crime statistics and other factors surrounding the city. We relied upon a recent report by Ozols Law Firm, which give us a list of the most dangerous cities in California.  They went down the list explaining how Oakland not only has the highest murder rate and the highest property crime rate but its also has problems with its police force coming into scandals in the past and again just this past week. The report makes perfect sense taking into account that when a city is already dangerous and the police there are corrupt that would only add to its problems. The list mentions the famous Compton California at #2 and ends off with California’s capital in Sacramento at #5.


Some may be surprised that Compton was not at the top but one could assume also that some of those crimes are going unreported. It’s a fair assumption that some of the inter-gang violence in any area would go unreported to police.

Surprisingly the city of San Francisco did not make the list but was featured on the list for their problem with property crimes. Apparently the city of San Francisco has over 20,000 property crimes occurring per year. One would assume it’s because of the dense population. A lot of that is likely bike theft and other small thefts where one can get away quickly without other people knowing.

Overall the report that was put together was very thorough and we enjoyed summarizing it for our readers. We enjoyed reading the analysis from a criminal defense attorney who is literally in the trenches when it comes to crime in in California. It was impressive to see the analysis done in the article and we really enjoyed being able to see which cities are the most dangerous in California. If you are looking for another reccomendation for a top San Diego Criminal Lawyer we always reccomend Vik Monder.