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Henry McMaster


Henry McMaster

I am humbled and honored that the voters of South Carolina have chosen me to serve as our Attorney General.

My singular goal will be to make our state safe by enforcing the laws and upholding the Constitution of the State of South Carolina.

The office of Attorney General will represent and protect the interests of every citizen, every family and every group with an open minded and open door manner.

If I may ever be of assistance, please do not hesitiate to call on me.

Henry McMaster

South Carolina's Attorney General performs three fundamental functions, each of which is critically important to the operation of the state's government and significant to the lives of the state's citizens. He is the state's chief prosecutor, meaning he is responsible for all cases brought against criminal defendants. He is the state's chief attorney, required to represent and give legal opinions to the Governor, the Legislature and other public officials. The Attorney General is also the "voice of the people" in the courtroom. As such, he must represent vigorously and defend wholeheartedly the public interest of the State in legal proceedings.

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