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Office Overview: Civil
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The Civil Division of the Attorney General's Office represents and advises the State and its agencies and officials in civil lawsuits. The areas of law and issues handled by this Division are diverse and include constitutional law, extradition, charitable trusts, lottery and gambling, election law, voting rights submissions and litigation, antitrust, state bonds, environmental law, annexation and incorporation.

The Civil Division includes:

  • Government Litigation
    The Government Litigation Section of the Civil Division represents the State in such areas as: constitutional law, extradition, charitable trusts, election law, annexation and incorporation.

  • Grievances
    The Grievance Section of the Civil Division investigates and prosecutes ethical misconduct complaints against lawyers and judges when authorized by the Commission on Lawyer Conduct and Commission on Judicial Conduct. Ethical complaints against judges and lawyers should be referred to those agencies.


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