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The Criminal Division represents the State in all criminal appeals and post conviction cases in State and Federal Courts in South Carolina. The Criminal Division is composed of the following sections:
  • Prosecution
    The Prosecution Section has the authority to prosecute cases statewide, including such crimes as telemarketing, elder abuse, domestic violence, and tax violations.The prosecution section also administers several programs designed to reduce crime and aid its victims. These include: Victim's Services, Youth Mentor Program, Violence Against Women.

  • Capital Litigation
    The Capital Litigation Section handles death penalty cases, murder appeals in state and federal courts, and federal habeas corpus.

  • Post Conviction Relief
    The Post Conviction Relief Section deals with indirect challenges from persons already convicted of crimes.

  • Criminal Appeals
    The Criminal Appeals Section represents the interests of the State of South Carolina in the Supreme Courts and South Carolina Court of Appeals in appeals from criminal convictions, except murder.

  • Medicaid Fraud
    The Medicaid Fraud Control Unit investigates fraud and patient abuse in the State's Medicaid program.

  • Insurance Fraud
    The Insurance Fraud Unit handles all types of insurance fraud.

  • State Grand Jury
    The State Grand Jury investigates and prosecutes criminal activity in seven areas: multi-jurisdictional drug offenses, obscenity, public corruption, election fraud, computer crime, terrorism, and securities fraud.


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