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On August 15, 2005, the Office of the Attorney General began publishing the South Carolina Tobacco Directory listing tobacco product manufacturers and tobacco products that are in compliance with S.C. Code Ann. ยง11-48-30 et seq. This directory lists the names of those tobacco product manufacturers that have been certified by the Attorney General as being fully compliant, together with their brands and brand families. This directory is updated on the 1st and 15th of every month and as necessary to add and remove tobacco product manufacturers and/or brands and brand families.

Be advised, as of August 15, 2005, it is unlawful to sell, offer, acquire, hold, own, possess, transport, import or cause to be imported, for sale in this State, or to import for personal consumption ANY brand or tobacco product not listed on the directory pursuant to S.C. Code 11-48-30(C)(1).

Tobacco Directory

South Carolina Tobacco Directory

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