Henry McMaster

Pictured Above: Attorney General Henry McMaster

Attorney General Henry McMaster

Current Cases

McMaster v. Capital Consortium Group, LLC; 3 Hebrew Boys, LLC; et al.

South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster has filed a civil lawsuit against three Columbia area men and their companies for violating securities laws. Joseph Brunson, Tim McQueen, Tony Pough, and their companies Daniel Development Group, LLC; 3 Hebrew Boys, LLC; and Capital Consortium Group, LLC are defendants in an action currently pending in the Richland County Court of Common Pleas (Case No. 07-CP-40-3116). The Court has held hearings in this matter, but no trial date has been set. The date, time and location of future public hearings in the civil case will be posted on this site as such information becomes available.

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State of South Carolina vs. State of North Carolina - Water War

On October 1, 2007, the United States Supreme Court granted South Carolina's motion for leave to file a bill of complaint against North Carolina. North Carolina is allowed thirty days within which to file an answer.

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State of South Carolina vs. United State Department of Energy

The documents listed on the following page have been made available to the Nuclear Regulatory Licensing Support Network in accordance with the proposed intervention of the State of South Carolina in the Nuclear Regulatory Commission proceeding related to the licensing of a nuclear waste repository at the Yucca Mountain, Nevada, site. The Department of Energy is seeking to withdraw its application to have that site licensed by the NRC. The State of South Carolina and others are seeking to intervene in the NRC proceeding in order to oppose the withdrawal of the license application.

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