Attorney General Alan Wilson

Crime and Fraud

Fraud affects everyone. Medicaid Fraud skims as much as $270 million annually from S.C. tax payers' money. Insurance fraud is even more detrimental; it adds about $1,000 a year to the average household's insurance premiums. The S.C. Attorney General has pledged to fight these abuses.
Medicaid Fraud
Insurance Fraud
Mortgage Fraud Report
Order Fraud Protection for Seniors Publication - 888-878-3256

As the state's chief prosecutor, the Attorney General is a fierce opponent of crime and a staunch defender of its victims. But the Attorney General believes fighting crime requires efforts beyond punishing offenders. His office also conducts crime reduction programs and offers assistance to the victim's of crime.
Sex Offenders Registry
Criminal Domestic Violence
Victim's Services

Attorney General Alan Wilson is committed to protecting our children. He believes community involvement is the first line of defense in preventing crime. The office of the Attorney General sponsors several programs designed to work with children and families, building a better future for South Carolina's children and our communities.
Internet Crimes Against Children
Missing and Exploited Children
Youth Mentor Program