Henry McMaster

Pictured Above: Attorney General Henry McMaster

Attorney General Henry McMaster

A Kid's Guide to Internet Safety

Surfing the Net can be a lot of fun, but you need to be careful. Below are a few links to fun sites and several that will help you remain safe while surfing. If you EVER have a question about something you see or find in your Inbox, your chat rooms or on a web site, please get your parents or a teacher and let them know.


  • South Carolina ICAC TF MySpace Page
  • MySpace Safety Tips


  • NetSmartz Kids Home
  • NetSmartz TeensHome

iKeep Safe

  • iKeepSafe Fun Stuff for Kids

Web Wise Kids

Department of Justice

  • FBI Kids

Safety Links

Safe Sites

  • State of S.C. Kid's Page
  • Discovery Kids
  • SC ETV's KnowItAll site
  • Safe Kids
  • Net Family News
  • Family Tech Talk (podcasts on family tech news)
  • Cyber Kids
  • NetWise Safe Sites
  • StaySafe
  • ProtectKids
  • Go Camping America - Kids Pages