Henry McMaster

Pictured Above: Attorney General Henry McMaster

Attorney General Henry McMaster

Office Overview

The Attorney General's Office is organized into six divisions: criminal, civil, opinions, finance and information services, administration and securities. There are over 40 assistant Attorneys General and more than 100 employees.

The Criminal Division represents the State in all criminal appeals and post conviction cases in State and Federal Courts in South Carolina.

The Civil Division of the Attorney General's Office represents and advises the State and its agencies and officials in civil lawsuits.

An Attorney General's opinion is a written public document responding to a specific legal question asked by a public official.

Finance and Information Resources
The Finance and Information Resources Division provides financial, accounting, and computer and information systems support for the Office of Attorney General. The Division is composed of the following sections: Accounting, Computer Services, and Grants.

The Administration Division provides support and planning services necessary for the efficient operation of the Office of the Attorney General. The Administration Division is composed of the following sections: Support Services, Library, Technical Services, Personnel, and Records.

The Attorney General serves as the ex officio head of the South Carolina Securities Commission, which protects South Carolina investors from investment fraud and ensures as fair a securities marketplace as possible.